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SLAM100 Industrial Handheld 3D LiDAR Mobile Laser Mapping Scanner System

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Sku:  2201261
Weight:  8000g
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●【Accuracy】 Relative Accuracy: 2cm; Absolute Accuracy: 5cm.

●【Built-in Batteries】Those four batteries can support SLAM100 capture 2.5hours continuously. If you want to capture longer, you also can purchase more to replace.

●【Three 5MP Visible Light Cameras】It is able to synchronously obtain texture information and produce color point clouds and partial panoramic images.

●【SLAM GO App】 The App(Android & IOS)can be connected to SLAM100 through a cell phone to perform project management, and real-time point cloud display. 

●【SLAM GO POST PRO Software】The software can perform post-processing of collected data, if you want to know more, contact us!