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Knapsack AGV BF100

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Sku:  R2210293
Weight:  100000g
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  • 【Run smoothly】 The rail navigation technology is mature, and the AGV travel and positioning are more stable and reliable.
  • 【Multiple security protection】 Equipped with infrared obstacle sensor, anti-collision bar + sound and light alarm, safe operation is guaranteed.
  • 【High positioning accuracy】 The positioning accuracy is ±10mm
  • 【Can go up and down the elevator】 It can be linked with elevators and can run across floors
  • 【Can be connected to the production management system】 Support customers to integrate automated production management
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More Information

Model: BF100

Dimensions: L774mm*W480mm*H320mm

Running mode: forward, backward, turn, stop, permanent stop

Load capacity: 100KG

Docking method: RFID

Docking accuracy: ±10mm

Running speed: 0-45m/min adjustable

Charging method: manual charging

Navigation: magnetic

Endurance: 8 hours

Drive mode: differential drive

Voltage: 24V 60AH

Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Obstacle avoidance: infrared sensor + anti-collision bar + sound and light

Warranty time 12 months

Service life: 80000H