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Foxtechrobot D500 Quadcopter for Mapping and Inspection

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Sku:  R2304242
Weight:  25000g
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The whole machine adopts a high-strength T700 carbon fiber integrated streamlined design, and the body and motor adopt a self-priming heat dissipation structure.

Integrating high-precision differential GNSS boards, TOF sensors, millimeter-wave radars, and visual perception systems, the core sensors are all redundantly backed up, making industry applications easier.

  • 【Mobile takeoff and landing】
  • 【Fly close】
  • 【Visual return】
  • 【Automatic obstacle avoidance】
  • 【Offsite takeoff and landing】
  • 【Terrain following flight】
  • 【GCP free mapping 】
  • 【Relay roaming】
  • 【Terminal networking】
  • 【RTK and PPK fusion operation mode】
  • 【Equipped with the software of UAVManager Professional Edition, which supports accurate 3D route planning, 3D real-time flight monitoring, GPS fusion calculation, control point measurement, aerial triangulation, one-key mapping, and one-key export of stereo mapping. It provides a process and browses of DOM, DEM, DSM, TDOM, and other data results.】

We provide free software service!  
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