One-Stop GlS Eco-System for UAV 



The manager is a one-stop GIS eco-system for UAV data acquisition, processing, visualization and management, and UAV maintenance. To address a range of applications,  maieutic and accurate flight planning based on actual 3D terrain data is integrated into UAVManager for both fixed-wing UAVs and multi-motor aircraft. Moreover, 3D real-time monitoring, fast flight quality checks, versatile pre-processing toolbox, robust accuracy control and automatic mapping, 4D+ 3D outputs, visual monitoring center, cloud services for a system upgrade, smart maintenance, information pushing, etc.                                                   


Simple and Reliable 3D Flight Plan


SmartPlan" is a flight planning software for both fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs. According to the terrain undulation and the image acquisition requirements,  accurate 3D terrain can be imported to help optimize flight plants and routes automatically. To address super large areas, automatic block segmentation and management are supported for boundary matching to streamline subsequent image processing.                                                                                                                                                                        


3D Flight Plan, Making the Design Easier and More Reliable


SmartFlight" is a flight plan software for fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs. According to the terrain of the AOl and the requirements of imagery, the best flight plan & paths can be automatically generated based on high-precision real 3D terrain. Super large task areas will be automatically divided into blocks and managed automatically, ensuring can be automatically generated based on high-precision real 3D terrain. Super large task areas will be automatically divided into blocks and managed automatically.                   


•Software Features


 1. A unit interface to fixed-wing,multi-motor versatile UAV modes, supporting different monitoring modes of shooting and video, supporting multi-sensor operation mode.

2. Support 3D scenes, flight trajectory can be 3D visualized, comprehensive user monitoring information, and improve the quality of monitoring.                                 

3. Real-time display of flight trajectory, flight status, wind/ground speed, battery status, aircraft temperature, and GPS status parameters.                                                                        

4. Uav's abnormally intelligent alarm system and one-click return faction.                               

5. Full flight playback.                                

6. Thanks to the guided interface, beginners can easily and quickly prepare for the mission.                               



Flight Data and Quality Reports are Clearly Displayed


                            SmartCheck" is a professional and automatic software for on-site flight quality checks and assessment. lt helps to quickly

                            generate quality reports and gain the efficiency of data quality review and the reliability of subsequent image processing. 




•Main Features


1. High-automation, data quality check by one-click mode, no photogrammetry expertise required, get started with easy training.

2. Based on GPU parallel processing mode, it cost 5-10mins from image importing to final report generation,  helping pilots to act immediately with valuable insights.

3. Professional quality control report for UAV data is provided. Graphic output and index statistics documents.                               

4. lt enables customers to check data quality from different dimensions, providing information, such as camera stations, footprints, attitude exceeding, image overlap intensity, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


A Versatile UAV Data Processing Toolbox


 "SmartProcess" is a pre-processing software for UAV data, including advanced flight calibration, distortion correction, post-differential GPS data processing, automatic and terrain-based control points layout, and other tools, in order to meet the requirements of high-precision UAV surveying and mapping  Along with those, image pre-processing functions are provided, such as dodging, color enhancement, image pyramid creation,  format conversion, etc.





High-precision, Fast and Complete Outputs Processing Software


SmartMap is a one-key UAV data processing software system with its processing chain covering orthophoto and oblique-photo aerial triangulation, adaptive feature points matching, control points measurement, ortho-rectification, color balancing, stitching, full-pixel, and high-density point cloud matching, TDOM, and reconstruction. traditional DEMs and DOMs, high-precision and high-quality DSMs and TDOMs and real scene 3D models can be generated and output by SmartMap. Intelligent control point measurements, GPS-supported aero triangulation, PPK mode image mosaic, and fast 3D data viewing are also supported.     




Software Features


1. comprehensive core algorithms: it supports image matching and aero triangulation for both vertical adapt to a range of situations, such as irregular image layout, great rotation, irregular overlap, etc. lt is compliant with image data through different cameras, terrain, weather,  and environment.

2. Powerful processing capacity, versatile outputs: UAVManager can handle more than 10thounds image processing simultaneously, and support fast dense points cloud computation, Trueortho, and realistic 3D model generation.            

3.  Intelligent ground control points measurement and GPS-supported aero triangulation can largely reduce in-field work: UAVManager ground control measurement tool supports both manual and automatic measurement and provides a robust GPS-supported aero triangulation algorithm,  ensuring mapping accuracy despite sparse GCPs, and improving the efficiency of UAV large-scale mapping applications.                                                       

4. Differential GPS-based,multi-parameter aero triangulation algorithm enables high-precision mapping without ground controls: high-precision PPK calculation and advanced multi-parameter aero triangulation algorithms help with high-precision mapping, meeting the requirements for data acquisition in a difficult area.                                     




3D Viewer


"3D Viewer" is an application software for 3D products generated from UAV oblique imagery. It supports the import of current popular OSGB 3D models oblique high-resolution 3D scenes, and high-precision 3D models. versatile functions, such as viewing,  distance measuring, area measuring volume measuring, and model loading. 3D Viewer provides a unified display platform for existing 3D terrain models, oblique high-resolution 3D scenes, and high-precision 3D models.





Monitor Your UAV At Any Time

 "SmartMonitor" is a feature module of UAVManager, providing functions, such as visualization and review of flights, flight records analysis, and dashboards.