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Lizarbot Ackerman Differential McNum Wheel SLAM Unmanned Car Jetson Nano LiDAR ROS Robot

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Sku:  2103241
Weight:  14000g
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  • 【Aluminum alloy mecanum wheels and pendulum suspension system】make the car adapt to uneven ground 
  • 【RTABMAP visual and LiDAR mapping navigation】support algorithms mapping
  • 【LiDAR follow】LiDAR can follow any object including people in 360°
  • 【Depth camera follow】It can measure the distance to the front object and follow the object through the RGBD depth of the camera
  • 【Adjustable camera angle】The camera can be adjusted to the suitable angle
  • 【Visual line tracking】The camera can be navigated by sticking lines
  • 【RRT exploration for autonomous mapping】No need to manually control the car, use the RRT algorithm to autonomously complete the exploration mapping, save the map, and return to the home point 
  • 【High precision photoelectric encoder】The low-speed navigation performance of the car is very good

Based on ROS development, this robot platform is designed with Mecanum wheel, which can realize functions such as map navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, LiDAR follow, visual follow, visual line tracking, and APP image transmission.


Your Purchase Includes:

4x 12V30F MG513 motor

4x 37 motor bracket

4x 75mm aluminum alloy Mecanum wheels

4x Metal flange coupling

1x Upper Aluminum alloy plate

1x Aluminum alloy chassis

1x Pendulum suspension system

1x STM32F103VET6 main control board

1x 9800mah 12V lipo battery

1x Charge for battery

1x Data cable

1x Jetson nano

1x LiDAR

1x Depth camera

1x 32G memory card and card reader

1x PS2 wireless controller

1x Metal heat sink

1x Accessories

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