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Heron M90 Surveying Boat Unmanned Surface Vehicle

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Sku:  R2212011
Weight:  16000g
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Monohull shallow M hull

Easy to move and use

GPS autonomous navigation

Automatically return to the voyage

Endurance: no less than 3 hours

Underwater Topography Section Measurement multi-beam boat surveying boat unmanned boat with RTK unmanned boat with GNSS Mobile mapping boat
More Information
Monohull shallow M hull; good stability, hull color: yellow.
★The ship can realize GPS autonomous navigation and can automatically return to the voyage;
★ According to the task requirements, the detected data can be sent back to the ground base station for display and storage at any time, and when the task is completed, it can automatically return to the predetermined position;
Load capacity: 15kg;
Shallow draft Full load draft: 0.12m;
The hull is small, light in weight, easy to move and use;
Anti-wind and wave level: 0.5 meter wave for level 3 wind.
Material: carbon brazing fiber, impact and wear resistance
Communication distance: The maximum communication distance in open area is 3-5 kilometers (remote control GFSK, narrowband communication)
Endurance: no less than 3 hours (economic speed 1.5 m/s); maximum speed 4m/s
Smart installation touch screen handheld remote control device: it can perform video surveillance, APP installation control and surveying and mapping parameters.